Since 1986, The Musée de la Photographie André Villers is part of an initiative to circulate contemporary art thanks to young artists selected in the scope of the program of its temporary exhibitions.

The influence of André Villers, its creator, is not innocent in this partiality. Indeed, the meeting between André and Pablo Picasso considerably influenced his practice, guiding him towards art photography and in particular the photogram or the transfiguration of the subject.

This existing bridge between photography known as classic and its colleague permeated with other forms of expression, set up for the museum a path it never stopped taking.

In the last fifteen years, digital photography noticeably burst into the artistic scene. However, analogue photography still holds its place on the heart of the exhibitions organized by the museum, as well as documentary that currently has wind in its sails.

Permanently visible at the museum, the collection of portraits of Pablo Picasso made by big names in photography: Robert Doisneau, David Douglas Duncan, Lucien Clergie, and of course, André Villers whose purpose extends to the portrait of historical figures of painting in the 50s to nowadays, as well as his art works.