thankyouforcoming‘s purpose is to produce, promote and make accessible contemporary art, and the work of emergent artists, critics and curators in particular.


In addition to the curatorial and artistic projects (exhibitions, lectures, workshops, events, etc.) and publications/editions, our website showcases and provides exposure to artists that we support.

In order to foster experimentation and exploration, art critics and curators that we invite are given ‘carte blanche’ to propose their own original editorial online contributions.

With the same idea of supporting research and networking within the visual arts, thankyouforcoming runs ACROSS, an innovative short art critic/curator residency program developed from Nice, which aims to support the emergence and renewal of critical and curatorial practices.

Claire Migraine / thankyouforcoming develops and produces the Alpes-Maritimes Region’s New Patrons Program, with the support of the Fondation de France.

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