Pavillon Bosio – ESAP

Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Monaco - ARTS & SCENOGRAPHIE


A historical place for the teaching of art in Monaco, the Pavillon Bosio has known many metamorphoses before showing its current identity.

First an art school then a Beaux-Art school, it has been, since 2004, an École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques (Superior School for Visual Arts) (ESAP), issuing a National Degree for Visual Arts (Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques), as well as a Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (National Superior Degree in Visual Expression) having the grade of a Master’s degree.

The specificity of the curriculum taught at Pavillon Bosio is to pass on to its students a general purpose education in Art and Scenography, and to give them tools so they can transpose their personal research to the scenic spaces as well as the exhibition ones.

With the affirmed whish to develop a studio pedagogy and externalize the methods of operation, the school takes part to partner projects on a regular basis and also initiates some Research and Creation Workshops (Ateliers de Recherche et de Création – ARC) organized in a network. 

Essential punctuations in the student’s pathway, these local and international collaborations are sometimes associated to museums, universities, art centers, dance and theater companies. More specifically, the cultural context of the Principality of Monaco offers an environment favorable to encounters with players in the art world, such as the Compagnie des Ballets de Monte-Carlo, who welcomes students every year in prestigious conditions.

Thus, the future scenographic artists are regularly confronted to a professionalization demand, through concrete situations that also contribute to the construction and extension of pedagogy.

In this dynamic of exchanges, the projects can take form on scale 1, a playground is created where theory reinvents itself and expands.