Experimental and inclusive place of contemporary art


MDAC is a unique space for co-creative, joyful, engaged and resilient artistic research.
Installations In Situ – Performances – Writing – Lectures – Exhibitions
& Consultation space : La Bibliocabane

The MDAC is a living space of experimental art dedicated to contemporary creations, with many productions of exchange, such as during artist residencies in preparation for exhibitions.

It is a multifaceted artistic research laboratory (installation, performance, writing, music…).

The MDAC aims to provide the soil for the unexpected to happen within its walls. The inclusiveness of the place is found both in the address to the public and in the singular co-creation possible between confirmed artists, artists in the making, artisan, student, amateur, children, theoretician, etc. as a proposal for a resilient creative space in which each participant brings his or her uniqueness to the collective.

In this way, she invites artists to try to push their own singularities even further, taking care of the context and the local fabric. It is a question of promoting an art of process rather than an art of a fixed form known in advance. It is a question of giving time to research and artists: the time spent in residencies contributes to the emergence of new forms without the urgency of formal performance.

The MDAC is also a space for consultation of documents selected and acquired by the structure in connection with the programming, artists and audiences. This consultation space called “La Bibliocabane” aims to be both a refuge for solitary reading and a stage for shared readings.