Galerie Sintitulo


Jose Louis Albertini (architect) founded the Sintitulo gallery in Nice in 1990.

Inaugurated in the presence of Leo Castelli and under the artistic direction of Catherine Macchi, the program of the gallery cast for a decade, artists formed at Villa Arson art school.

In 2002, Sinititulo moved in the old village of Mougins. The focus was now on the pedagogy of contemporary art. Cultural education workshops for children were organized in relati to each exhibition and provided for free for pupils from surrounding schools. Meetings and exchanges with adult audience and professionals of contemporary art took place almost every Saturday in the salon of the gallery.

Today, under the direction of Cristina Albertini, the Sintitulo gallery develops a cultural program where contemporary art is the cataliseur. The theoretical and practical study of the cultural project, of the art market and cultural policies allow us an overview of the relation that our structure must develop with its georgaphical territory. The gallery’s activities diversified to to allow more exchanges, bring together various audience and encourage the emergence of new private collections. We wish to raise awareness of new collectors the role they have to play to encourage careers of young artists. In this sense, projects and exhibitions organized by Sintitulo now involve strategic partnerships whose purpose is to federate and allow exchanges between audiences who rarely meet up.

Public projects 2016:

“Esperluette” – cultural mediation.

European program (Erasmus +) involving contemporary art broadcasters in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia. Aims to compare the practices of contemporary art by programmers to engage with adult audiences.

Habitus, in partnership with the FRAC Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Works by Berdaguer Péjus, Caroline Bouissou, Elisabeth Cresseveur, Ibai Hernandorena in an exhibition designed to raise public awareness to the notion of habitat, city, social link (April-March 2016).

In partnership with the Museum of Photography in Mougins (July-September 2016), exhibition of the winners of the HSBC Award for photography: Marta Zgierska and Christian Vium.

We value the commitment of HSBC Price promote sustainably the emerging generation of photography and proud to have been the first to bring the works of Marta Zgierska in recognized private collections.

Ici et maintenant! (Here and now !) // September 15 to December 31, 2016

Exhibition of the collection of the FRAC Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur in 14 places of the old village galleries, shops, exhibition spaces, museums. Project in collaboration with the association of traders of the old town and the city of Mougins. It aims to familiarize first professional audiences about the role of the Frac and public art collections in general.

The company’s art collection

Awareness campaigns leadership and support for the creation and presentation of new corporate collections.

Cultural education for children

Thematic cultural programs for elementary schools and colleges. Designed in partnership with the National Education and in dialogue with each teacher, these mediation workshops integrate every time the philosophical issues addressed in school, to make the link between art and other subjects taught.