Galerie Eva Vautier

“I was born in Nice in 1965 among a thriving artistic pool. Ben signed me at the age of 3 months as a live sculpture. Immersed from childhood in the “For or Against”, at the Window, rue Tondutti de l’Escarène and at Saint Pancrace, meeting successively the artists of the School of Nice, Supports/Surfaces, Figuration Libre and the Fluxus group, I have listened to them, observed them. I was a passionate attendant to their debates that shaped my mind and were part of art history.” […]

[…] “I then developed warm relationships with the artists of my own generation including my friends from La Station, where I took part in the organization of exhibitions. It enabled me to meet young artists from different backgrounds. I’ve worked in parallel with my father on the catalogue raisonné, his many exhibitions, his publications and his gallery “Espace à Débattre”, 2 rue Vernier.

All this to open my own gallery at the same place, offering a space to exhibit contemporary art. It will thus be in the heart of the Libération area, warm and lively that this space will house six major exhibitions per year with young emerging artists and some more confirmed, of the Fluxus group, of Figuration Libre… Events will punctuate the exhibitions: performances, concerts, video evenings, dance, debates, poetry readings, as well as a reading area for those who will want to make time to discover artists catalogues and videos.

Many other ideas are maturing with my wish to make art more accessible, organizing and art library, and by offering at each exhibition, an original print by the artist. My ambition for the gallery: that it becomes a place to research, overflow, creation, exchange and listening. I am going to put a lot of energy to make this location a lively place, a mandatory stop in Nice where art will be present and available for all who will enter it.

For its inauguration, I had the pleasure of inviting two female artists: Sandra D. Lecoq who paints, sews, glues with her strength and rebellion, and Virginie Le Touze who permeates her photographs with her biting softness.”