CAIRN Art Centre


CAIRN, Informal Art Centre on Nature Research, focuses on developing an artistic point of view on Haute Provence territory through the works of various artists including Mark Dion, Delphine Gigoux-Martin, herman de vries, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Nonas.

Born in 2000 from the collaboration between the Gassendi Museum and the Haute Provence Geopark, the CAIRN Art Centre has two main aims : on the one hand to offer site -specific exhibitions produced by artists in residence ; on the other to develop a permanent collection of contemporary art on over 200 000 hectares of land, financed by the public sector or european programs. The artworks in nature as well as those displayed in the exhibition room become an invita- tion to walk and wander in the mountains.


Conceived in relation to the contexte, the works invite visitors to discover the natural environment, the history and heritage of the places, and to meet local communities.

With a multidisciplinary approach connecting art, nature and specific features of the area, CAIRN is a creative laboratory, which produces and disseminates contemporary art in the rural area.