One, Installation by Clemens Hollerer

One life but we're not the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other

U2 (The title derived from the song ‘One’ by Irish rock band U2, taken from their 1991 album ‘Achtung Baby’)

In July 2024 Clemens Hollerer will present his brand-new installation called ‘ONE’ at
DAC, Dolceacquaartecontemporanrea

“One” by Clemens Hollerer

For his exhibition at d.a.c., the Austrian artist will solely arrive with a bag of strings, tapes and wires. For his examinations during his short stay in Italy, Hollerer will collect random objects and things that inspire him along the way in the streets and neighborhoods of the village and nearby cities. In an intuitive process, he furthermore plans to arrange, transform and connect his discoveries, resulting in ONE single, temporary piece of art, spanning through the entire exhibition space. The future assemblages will either stimulate or disturb each other and create an unexpected dynamic. Clemens Hollerer invites visitors to enter his universe of ideas and creations and for a short moment – take a step back from their fast-paced lifestyle and environments.

‘Fractures, scratches, splinters and traces. Objects patched together, brought into a tenuous balance and quite often joined in a makeshift manner. Sculptures rhythmically segmenting the space, at once holding it together and dissolving it, permeating it and bringing it into a fragile stability. Clemens Hollerer’s works explore the attractive pull exerted by destruction. Fundamentally interested in the question of space and its transformation, he is concerned with our surrounds as shaped by permanent constructions – the city – but also the landscape as domesticated by humans. The photographic gaze, itself taking up focusing as a theme, stands at the beginning of his works and his artistic development.’

Katrin Bucher Trantow,

On the work of Clemens Hollerer

Picture : Clemens Hollerer © DAC. Dolceacqua Arte Contemporanea