Villa Paloma

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco [NMNM]

The New National Museum of Monaco [NMNM] promotes the heritage of the Principality of Monaco and disseminates contemporary creation through temporary exhibitions in its two locations – Villa Paloma and Villa Sauber.

By proposing two exhibitions a year in each venue, the NMNM reveals a long-ignored heritage and develops the discovery of the contemporary scene. As of now, “Training for a Museum” has determined the programmes of the Villa Sauber and the Villa Paloma according to two themes that are intimately linked with cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the Principality: Art and Performance at the Villa Sauber, Art and Territory at the Villa Paloma.

The mission of a museum, as defined by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), is to preserve, ensure continuity and communicate to society the value of cultural and natural heritage worldwide, in the present and the future, in its tangible and intangible states. For several years now, the team of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (or NMNM) has been reflecting, making inventories, organising, questioning… The consultation has included discussions with historians, restorers, designers, scenographers, writer and meetings with artists aiming at renewing our outlook on the concept of heritage and the way it is transmitted to the public. This collective work has been called “Training for a Museum”. It focuses on enabling  the public to understand what a National Museum is and how it fits within contemporaneity. This training will continue until the opening of a building that will accommodate such an ambitious museographic project. By proposing two exhibitions a year in each venue, the NMNM will reveal a long-ignored heritage and develop the discovery of the contemporary scene.

This approach is part of a singular territory whose history has always been marked by dialogue between cultural and scientific artistic disciplines and support for creators, thinkers and researchers.