La Station

La Station offers an experimental platform within which emerging artists find beneficial conditions to initiate projects and take part in the development, the promotion and the diffusion of their activities.

This dynamic initiative started in Nice in 1996, enables booming researches in real and professional conditions of exhibition or production.

Originally installed within the wall of a former gas station located 26 boulevard Gambetta in Nice, the origin of its name, La Station moved according to the realities of the locations that housed it.

It is in a whish to offer a supplementary link close connecting the artists, the institutions, the art centers, galleries and the public, that La Station finds its relevance, trying to bring and added value to an existing cultural panorama. This dynamic initiated in 1996 enables the blooming of research in real and professional conditions of exhibition or production.

In October 2009, La Station set up in the South Wing of the former refrigerated storage made available by the city of Nice. These renovated premises have a surface of 1000 m2 and are shared between exhibition rooms open to the public and studios. A dozen artists work there and take part in the life, the organization and the maintenance of such a venture. 

La Station’s main objective is supporting and develop cultural and contemporary art life in Nice through all the means and under all the form its takes. Showing what is done in this town, and attract from elsewhere, in France and in Europe, very contemporary practices in art. It also has the purpose of helping artists and taking part in the development, the promotion and distribution of their activities.

By a cross-generational program with confirmed artists or not, La Station is positioned like a professional platform enabling emerging artists to be visible by galleries, art centers, museums, curators. By creating these conditions, the goal is to bring a work tool connecting them to the principles or reality of the artistic activity and to try and offer them a contemporary audience. Exhibitions, performances are offered to the public, as well as some more specific events: readings, listening sessions, concerts, video projections, conferences…

In addition to its Intra-muros program, along the years, La Station has acquired a national and European audience thanks to exhibitions organized in various cities abroad La Station Extra-muros builds its projects from the work of the artists making it and their artistic practices, thus put in perspective in the context of the collective exhibition.