Become a patron – Individuals

/// BOTOX(S) contemporary art network of the Riviera – CALL FOR PATRONS /// 

BECOME A PATRON of BOTOX(S) – Individuals

By becoming a patron of BOTOX(S), you take an active part in the development of artistic creation on the Riviera and work for its regional, national and international influence.

You make a personal commitment and become a player on the local artistic scene.

BOTOX(S) needs your support to continue its project, develop it, valorize its actions and make them to their full extent.

Your generosity and your commitment are acknowledged by the law of August 1, 2003, and enable you to benefit from significant tax reductions when you make a gift.

When an individual makes a gift, it is tax deductible for up to 66 %, in the limit of 20 % of the taxable income. That is to say, a € 100 Euros gift to BOTOX(S) will in reality only cost you € 34.

For more information on cultural patronage, see the Ministry of Culture website (click).


BOTOX(S) offers several levels of patronage for individuals, to see the counterparts offered by BOTOX(S), as well as the various levels of patronage, download the presentation document by clicking here.

Even more simple, give directly online on our partner’s website CULTURE TIME, a crowd funding patronage platform dedicated to culture, with whom we are collaborating and brings us technical support so your gift is a few clicks away (Click here).

Culture Time opens 2.0 patronage for culture, art and education. Crowd funding enables each of us to collectively support a project of our concern or interest. This new popular means of financing opens up a world of possibilities for patronage and the cultural sector: it is crowd funding patronage.

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