Equipe Botoxs

BOTOX(S) a contemporary art network on the French Riviera, federates more than twenty structures committed to the production and diffusion of contemporary art.
Created in 2007, the strength of this network lies in the nature of the various structures that make it: art centers, galleries, private locations, associations, artists’ collectives, publishing companies, museums… Through the exhibition places, the programs, the various events (performances, conferences, readings, debates, etc.) of its members and the network projects.

BOTOX(S) is an exchange platform, a place where the players in contemporary art on the Riviera can reflect, communicate and work.

The BOTOX(S) network organizes joint communication for all its members: a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a monthly newsletter, quarterly press kits, issuing document to highlight the actions of the members of the network to the publics, specific communication of the projects led for the network… Faudra sans doute mettre le petit ® après Twitter et Facebook

A front door to contemporary art on our territory for the general public, the press, collectors or even the other networks in France and abroad, BOTOX(S) gives the keys to understanding and access to contemporary creation on the Riviera, with a will to mediate, open up and shed light on it.



– Bring about its whole influence to artistic and cultural news on our territory by presenting the vitality and the richness of creation on the Riviera.

– Ensure the diffusion and the promotion of contemporary art on the Riviera to institutional players and professionals in culture, in France and abroad.

– Raise awareness of the public and enable to the largest number to have access to contemporary art by a strong pedagogical action. 



One Saturday afternoon per month, BOTOX(S) offers a contemporary art tour in 4 to 5 locations that are part of its network, by bus, for individuals.

On each stops, the Visitors are met by the directors, curators, mediators, artists of the locations.

A moment apart, always friendly, for a meeting around contemporary creation.

>see the Visiteurs du Samedi page


BOTOX(S) creates custom made programs, adapted for any groups wanting to discover the territory’s artistic life (Tours operators, associations, congresses, work councils or seminars, VIP clients,…).

These exceptional visits give a unique experience, of a high artistic quality, to meet with contemporary art players and locations.

A personalized reception is made by the directors, museum curators, mediators, artists or exhibition curators make it a special and unique moment meeting players in contemporary art on the Riviera.

>see the Visites Privilège page


Once a year, in the Spring, BOTOX(S) organizes the VISITEURS DU SOIR, the late-night contemporary art and flagship event of the Niçoise cultural life.

Exhibitions, performances, screenings, concerts… During these two days, the public is invited to a free tour to discover approximately sixty locations in Nice: the locations that are part of the network, the associated locations, guests, artists’ studios, private apartments, cultural or offbeat locations… The purpose of this festive event is to have contemporary art leave its walls and make it more accessible through a surprising itinerary that shows today’s creation where it is not expected.

As many occasions for the public to meet professional or amateur artists and share the richness of art being made.

>see the Visiteurs du Soir page


Every year, BOTOX(S) imagines targeted events putting contemporary art in direct connection with the reality of the network and its territory. Among these events: LES TRAVERSÉES DU TERRITOIRE, LES VOIX PUBLIQUES, the publishing project “EN ATTENDANT…” or also SLOWMO, “Le ralentisseur”… marking out contemporary creation by offering reflection, understanding and awareness paths.

>see the BOTOX(S) events


BOTOX(S) shares its expertise with cultural players and takes part to the cross-disciplinary reflection implemented by the Collectif Culture 06 around the best practice and mutualization of the actions on our territory.


BOTOX(S) puts its know how at the service of companies, schools, foundations, and other public or private establishments that want to organize turnkey exhibitions in a space they chose. This expertise and this support are aimed at structures already familiar with contemporary art but also to the novices hesitating to make the leap.


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