Galerie Sandrine Mons

Les Visiteurs du Soir 2015 - Loft Interior Designers

Created in 2005, the Galerie Sandrine Mons offers temporary exhibitions alternating between the presentation of original works of major artists of the international scene (Gerard Malanga, John Coplans, Dennis Oppenheim…), and the young contemporary creation (Charley Case, Neven Allanic…) and confirmed artists (Piotr Klemensiewicz, Georges Meurant, Daphné Corregan…).

The gallery essentially presents photography but also regularly turns towards painting, drawing, publishing or ceramics.

Since 2009, the Galerie Sandrine Mons has been integrated into the design space of Loft in Nice and more recently in Cannes. These exchanges between the gallery and the design world enable to throw bridges between these universes with the publishing of artists’ objects and the creation of the Loft collection.