Become a patron – Corporations

/// BOTOX(S) contemporary art network of the Riviera – CALL FOR PATRONS ///

BECOME A PATRON of BOTOX(S)  – Corporations

By becoming a patron of BOTOX(S), you take an active part in the development of artistic creation on the Riviera and work to its regional, national and international influence.

You make a professional commitment and your company becomes a player on the local artistic scene.

BOTOX(S) needs your support to continue its project, develop it, valorize its actions and realize their full potential.

Your generosity and your commitment are acknowledged by the law of August 1, 2003, and enable you to benefit from significant tax benefits when you make a gift.

By becoming a patron of the BOTOX(S) network, companies enjoy the benefits of the law of August 1, 2003, in favor of patronage that provides a company tax reduction for up to 60 % of the amount of the gift (within a limit of 0.5 % of the company’s turnover with a possibility to carry over the excess – if the threshold is exceeded – on the five following accounting years) and some material counterparts (communication, PR, etc.) for up to 25% of the amount of the gift, that is a global benefit of 85 % of the amount of the gift for your company! 

For more information on cultural patronage, see the Ministry of Culture website (click).

BOTOX(S) offers several levels of patronage for corporations, to see the counterparts offered by BOTOX(S), as well as the various levels of patronage, contact us: Elsa Comiot – General Coordinator -+33(0) 6 64 13 22 29 or and download the presentation document by clicking here. 

The BOTOX(S) network is also open to any possibilities of exchanges with companies (services, material).

Do not hesitate to contact us for an association with your company!