Les Visiteurs du Samedi 19 Mars 2016 - LE 22 - « Show-room » : Gabriel Méo, Quentin Spohn et Delphine Trouche - Série « Humeur d’ectoplasme » d’Alexandra Guillot © Julien Mc Laughlin

© Julien Mc Laughlin

Le 22 is a space dedicated to contemporary creation and to visual arts that was inaugurated in the Spring of 2013.

Located in a historical and working-class area, La Libération in Nice, for many years, the place was a wine and liquor store before being transformed into an exhibition space.

Now, Le 22 intends to promote the emerging artistic scene and focuses on showing its dynamism, including on the local level. While supporting the young creation and the new generations of artists, the location also shows some more confirmed artists, and offers, all year long, some monographic or collective exhibition cycles based on projects or themes.

Convinced that the contemporary artistic creation is the living expression of our society, Le 22 commits, beyond the conventional frame of the gallery, to develop a dialogue between art and the public by highlighting the pedagogical and cultural aspect.

For this, in parallel with a demanding program, Le 22 offers some events and specific editions connected with visual arts – graphics, micro-editions, multiple editions, screenings, performances… – as well as a mediation cycle and commented visits intended for a wide audience.

It is in this open mindedness and the wish to pass on the interest animating us to promote today’s art that we will welcome you at 22 rue de Dijon.