Galerie Helenbeck

Galerie Helenbeck

“I am a gallery owner, I project myself like an explorer, I work for posterity, this idée fixe makes me take responsibility for both successes and failures, my role is to hand over.” It is in those terms that Chantal Helenbeck commits herself in this occupation and conceives her job.

Since 1999, Chantal Helenbeck has developed some partnerships, under the form of commissions, with contemporary artists of various generations, French or Foreigners, living on or passing through the Riviera. She opened her gallery in 2002. Figurative or abstract, on canvas or in ceramics, she shows all kinds of works and artists, be them well known or from the new international artistic scene.

In 2005, the Galerie Helenbeck widens its work field by opening a location in Paris to defend and show emerging and confirmed contemporary artists. Already then, she showed some artists stemming from Street Art, one of the latest world movement the Americans would soon (re)discover and collect soon after. She created a visual dynamic of the 5 American pioneers of this movement within those three Galleries (Paris, Nice et New York).

The Gallery defends and supports atypical artistic ideologies and medias. She invites to the discovery of very young artists’ works, talented, visionaries or subversive.

A real laboratory for the young international artistic scene, the Galerie Helenbeck offers to its public some audacious and quality exhibitions that go beyond the European borders.