Immersed in the international art world for 30 years, Christian Depardieu manages a multidisciplinary cultural location. It is first a contemporary art gallery, presenting works of avant-garde local and international artists, selected according to a demanding. In the vast cultural movement of standardization and the networking of cultures, some artists affirm their differences, without always being successful in having them recognized. It is to be able to offer an exhibition place to these strong individualities, in a cosmopolitan city such as Nice, where the artists, famous or not, have often chosen to live and work that the Galerie Depardieu focuses on showing, in a very eclectic choice, artists of national and international fame as well as young artists working on various media: painting, sculpture, photography, video, installations, digital art, performance…

Since the opening in 2004, more than seventy personal exhibitions of emerging or already famous artists were organized there. Each opening gathers a public of the art and cultural world: collectors, art dealers, gallery owners, artists, independent workers, company directors, well known figures, institution managers, journalists, art critics…

A multi-disciplines artistic dynamic addressed to a multi-cultural world.

The gallery multiplies artistic mediations intended to increase the public and bring it to confront more with contemporary art. It opens itself onto other disciplines by having jazz concerts, plays and readings of contemporary authors performed (Company La Saeta), philosophy evenings, conferences, debates, performances, etc. Galerie Depardieu has become a place for intellectual and musical events, a meeting place for artists, known by the Niçois but also thanks to the internet in France and abroad.

The gallery finds a new location in the Spring 2014 in the center of Nice.

This multi-discipline cultural center enables to intensify and structure our wish to draw bridges between these various forms of artistic expressions: music, dance, theater and visual arts, in order to help productive encounters between the public and artists to affirm a real artistic dynamic.

Program in live art – visual art