The Galerie de la Marine offers a program of exhibitions focused on contemporary art fields, through invitations to young emerging artists on the local and international scene of art and having a connection with Nice.

Since its origin and as early as its creation in 1967, the Galerie de la Marine was intended to be a laboratory of contemporaneity in Nice. Welcoming young artists, to present the local and international artistic scene and promoting creation have always been at the heart of the preoccupations of this space, at the same time historical, majestic and sober, anchored in front of the Baie des Anges on the Niçois waterfront. As early as 1978, under the impulse of the Direction of the Nice Museums, this location prefigured what will become, ten years later, the MAMAC.

At the dawn of the 2000s, after a decade dedicated to the permanent show of the works of Adolf and Gustav Adolf Mossa, the Galerie de la Marine returns to its original intent. First integrating a contemporary journey that enables to show the young artistic scene through exhibitions such as La Station fait main basse sur la ville, Fangeaux, Caminitti, Nalbandian, La Réserve, Still lovin’ you…, from 2009, through a new program exclusively dedicated to the young contemporary creation that enabled to invite Olivier Millagou, Michel Blazy, Jean-Luc Blanc, Arnaud Maguet, Axel Pahlavi as well as the yearly exhibitions of the graduates of the Villa Arson. The City of Nice, supported by the Bernar Venet Foundation having created in 2009, an Award to help young artists to integrate professional life, the two recipients of the Award present their exhibition each Fall.

The Galerie de la Marine, by this mixture and the acknowledgement of the young creation, educated in Nice, is located in the heart of the artistic life of the Riviera.

List of the recipients of the Award for the Young Creation Ville de Nice / Fondation Bernar Venet: Yasmina Hatem, Loïc Pantaly, (2009), Eun Yeoung LEE, Jean Baptiste Engler, (2010), Thomas Teurlai, Ugo Schiavi, (2011), Quentin Derouet, Rémi Voche, (2012). In June 2013, Alice Guittard and Quentin SPOHN were the recipients of this award and will be invited to present their project in October 2014.